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Enabling drug-free cognitive disorders treatment

Today’s mental healthcare protocols for diagnosis and treatment in many cases do not leverage the potential added value of available digital tools. As a result, patients experience the diagnostic journey as complex and subjective. Also in terms of therapeutic options, the potential of digital gamified solutions is mostly untapped.

Braingaze brings brain-related healthcare into the digital, AI-empowered age facilitating practice-inspired patient journeys that are convenient and trustworthy.

Braingaze Solutions

ADHD Clinic Solution:

BGaze Clinic

BGaze Clinic is a diagnostic support system that leverages advanced eye-tracking hardware to capture involuntary biomarker micro-eye movement patterns.

It provides clinicians with optimal diagnostic accuracy, adds objectivity, saves time, and improves interaction with patients and their families.

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Digital Therapy Solution:

BGaze Therapy

BGaze Therapy is a portfolio of child-friendly games designed to improve attention skills. The game play dynamics benefit especially children with a-typical cognitive profiles, such as ADHD, ASD, and Dyslexia.

BGaze Therapy are games that the player controls with the eyes. By focusing, following, or avoiding to look at objects that appear on the screen, the player earns points and at the same time trains the attention network of the brain.

Science based

Braingaze solutions are the result of over 5 years of research & development science-based tools. The solutions have been developed and validated in collaboration with leading clinicians.

Prof. Dr. Hans Supèr


Co-founder and CTO of Braingaze

Dr. José Alda


St Joan de Deu Specialized Pediatric Hospital

Dr. Jordi Royo i Isach

Clinical Psychologist

Amalgama7 Clinical Director

What Clients Say About Us

“BGaze just simply works! This platform facilitates our work in ADHD and we encourage them to continue on other disorders such as autism.

CAIA Centro de Atención a Infancia y Adolescencia

We are absolutely satisfied with the diagnostic platform BGaze Clinic, which is based on a neurological biomarker.

TDAH Valles, Sabadell

BGaze helps us to better outline the diagnosis and, above all, to communicate it better to both the patient and their family."

Amalgama7, Barcelona

"BGaze Therapy has been designed as an intensive training of attentional processes and control of impulsivity. It's the perfect combination of game and therapy. […] We took part in a study, in which BGaze Therapy was scientifically validated. The conclusions showed significant improvements of the attentional capabilities of patients, and an improvement on the areas related to the control of impulsivity.

Maria Carme Echeverría, neuro-psychologist

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Media Coverage

Braingaze raises €1.5 milion to improve cognitive health

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Braingaze raises 1.5 million to develop cognitive health solutions

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