Gaze controlled digital therapy for improving attention skills

Simple yet effective eye tracker controlled game

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Improves brain circuits involved in focusing attention and avoiding distraction

BGaze Therapy are child-friendly serious games designed to improve attention skills. They were created especially for children with a-typical cognitive profiles, such as ADHD, ASD, and Dyslexia. Children diagnosed with such disorders often have below-average oculomotor control. BGaze Therapy are games that the player controls with the eyes. By focusing, following or avoiding to look at objects that appear on the screen, the player earns points and at the same time trains the attention network of the brain.

Scientifically validated

Braingaze, the company behind BGaze Therapy, is a spin-off of the University of Barcelona (Spain), where we have been working for more than 15 years researching the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders such as ADHD. BGaze Therapy is a scientifically validated technology that was  developed in collaboration with some of the most renowned experts in the field and with patients associations such as TDAH Vallès.


In cooperation with clinical experts, we ran a scientific study that validated the efficiency of a digital treatment that consists of regularly playing a video game controlled by the patients' eyes using an eye tracker. Unlike most video games that claim to produce a real effect in the treatment of ADHD symptoms, BGaze Therapy is the only one that acts on the mechanisms of the cognitive processes located in the brain's deepest systems.

Our patients have shown an improvement of 56% in the areas of controlling impulsivity and keeping high attention levels, compared to the starting results before the trial.

Kids love it

After all, BGaze Therapy is a video game –an environment in which kids feel comfortable. Similar to other video games, kids have to navigate and pass new levels of increasing difficulty. The screen shows their score and progress, which challenges  and encourages them to make an effort and reach the next level.


BGaze Therapy's professional version includes a laptop computer equipped with a Tobii eye-tracker. Also, the software is already pre-installed, so you can begin to use it from the first minute.

Patients can use BGaze Therapy from the comfort of their home. It's enough for them to play two times per week for 15 minutes sessions . A difference will be noticed within a few weeks of therapy. However, it is recommended to continue the therapy for a prolonged period so that the effect will be anchored in the patient's cognitive abilities.

Offer a secure and efficient treatment to your patients

Currently, BGaze Therapy is only available for professional clinics.
If this is your case and you are interested in obtaining BGaze Therapy let us know by sending this form. An expert will contact you to discuss the best way to implement BGaze Therapy.