The best tool to perform a clinical ADHD diagnosis based on objective and structured data

BGaze Clinic includes a patented biomarker based on eye movement patterns

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Optimal diagnostic accuracy and objectivity

BGaze Clinic is a complete solution to diagnose mental health disorders. It offers a computerized semi-structured interview and a unique and patented biomarker of attention. Also, it uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to interpret the data of the symptoms collected and allows you to do a complete clinical diagnosis in less time while offering the best patient experience.

BGaze Clinic follows DSM-5 and ICD-10 guidelines and complies with HIPAA and GDPR.

Unique biomarker

BGaze Biomarker for ADHD and Dyslexia is a clinically validated test to support objective diagnosis in children and adults. Compared to the academic standard multidisciplinary diagnostic protocol, the biomarker test shows 92% accuracy and less than 6% false positives/negatives.

Our biomarker assessment is protected by a worldwide patent.

Why Use BGaze Clinic

1. It's an easy-to-use system for the complete diagnosis of ADHD in children and adults, that facilitates a complete and well-structured diagnostic protocol.

Artificial Intelligence data interpretation supports your clinical diagnostic decision. Also, both extensive and summary report formats are available that include both symptom scores and indication of likelihood and severity of ADHD based on our biomarker.

2. It offers a CPT test with patented biomarker uptake.

BGaze Clinic captures typical CPT information such as response time variability and error rates. However on top of such common CPT scores, the system provides unique probability and severity scores based on our patented biomarker that interprets involuntary eye movement patterns captured with an eye tracker while playing a visual task.

3.  It offers the option to digitally support an semi-structured interview and fully online processing of informants' input on symptoms at school and at home. 

Following the semi-structured interview format ensures that all aspects of a proper DSM5 or ICD-10 compliant diagnosis are well covered. Using the function to ask informants by email to submit their rating scales on the 18 symptoms makes it very easy (and fully COVID-proof) to collect all informants' feedback and visualise this input on your own screen while you are doing the interview.

4. Allows in 15 minutes to have an objective assessment based on artificial intelligence.

The BGaze AI rating scale score interpretation algorithm reduces the risk of false positives by a factor 4. The algorithm is based on hundreds of academia-level diagnoses and is clinically-scientifically validated.

5. BGaze Clinic combines very innovative technology with a protocol according to established standards.

All data is stored in secure encrypted databases and the system complies with the most stringent privacy rules such as HIPAA and GDPR.

6. Automatically generated reports you can modify

The system can automatically generate an easy to read yet professional data-rich report that reflects the quality of your clinical work. You can either generate a fully detailed 32 page detailed overview of all factors covered in the diagnosis, or a much smaller summary report of 2-3 pages. The summary report can be generated as a pdf, or you can opt for to let Bgaze Clinic generate a Word file that you can adapt, modify and expand as you want; saving you time and making sure that your report is free of errors.

Contact Us and let's implement BGaze Clinic in your practice

For small clinics or occasional use, a monthly license fee is the best option, which includes a suitable number of patient tests. Larger clinics and hospitals may prefer an annual subscription with unlimited tests.

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